I had been having digestive issues for 6 months and bloaty body, sleepless nights, hot flashes, emotional and tiredness for over a year. After a full exam and tests done by my internist with all positive results, I was desperate to find a solution. I was not taking my hormones as the reason for my issues.  Peggy, who had become a LEAP consultant and was doing the program herself, assessed my symptoms and was very encouraging that LEAP would help me. Once I got my reactive blood test results back (which was really quick), Peggy worked with me weekly to help answer questions and monitor my food program  After 2 weeks, I started feeling better and seeing results. It took discipline to stay on the program but boy was it worth it. After 4 months, I have never felt better, with all symptoms completely gone and losing 13 lbs! I know now what foods/additives to avoid and I am on no medication or hormone drugs. Thank you Peggy for making me feel better, look better and for keeping me drug free!

-Cathy Fessel

Nutrition Coaching

I worked with Peggy over the past month using the MealLogger app and the experience has been terrific and enlightening. I am a former athlete and now I work full time for the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau. I eat out a lot with clients! This education for me on how to eat out healthy has been invaluable. Peggy even looked at menus of the hotels I eat at and gave me healthy suggestions. Another valuable lesson has been for me not being afraid to eat grains! The no carb craze isn’t the best fad for me to follow. Now I am eating more grains, fruits and vegetables and my energy level has increased tremendously. Peggy helped me get more vegetables in my life, providing delicious recipes, which is a challenge for me because they aren’t my favorite.  I even have my kids eating broccoli salad! Lastly, my energy level is a lot better and I am very aware, thanks to Peggy’s help, of when I am eating, I’m working hard to fix not eating when I’m tired or bored.

-Suzy Kay

Little Hands in the Kitchen

We love this cookbook! Peggy Korody is a registered dietitian, gourmet cook and mother of two sons. She shares wonderful nutritional wisdom, along with delicious recipes for our little hands to make (sons ages 4 and 2), for our family to make together and for me to make for all of us! We so enjoy this book and the recipes included inside. We initially purchased this cookbook for us and have since bought copies upon copies to give as gifts to friends and family. If you live in the San Diego area, we highly recommend Peggy’s cooking classes and her local columns. She has a great blog, too. We hope Peggy will write another book soon!

-M. Gardner

I love it! I love many of the details and I really like your cookbook! I will be showing it to some friends soon … I am excited to try out some of your recipes, you really kept busy mama’s in mind with your recipes…pretty quick and easy but yummy and with easy to find ingredients…I love it!

-K. Saltzman