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Asian Lettuce Jackets

September can be a hectic month, especially if you have school age children with back to school activities, etc.  Therefore, this month I thought I would share a “quick to the table” healthy dinner.  This recipe is made up of ideas, no measuring – be creative.  Also, this is a meal you can eat with […]

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Rainbow Salad

Today I was watching a talk show where a female actor was describing how she had no energy and was gaining weight eating “kid” food like her son.  So she changed her diet and she now has more energy and feels better.  That left me wondering, if that diet was making her feel rundown, wouldn’t […]

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Asian Hibachi Dinner

We’ll cook the Asian Hibachi Dinner from my new cookbook Little Hands in the Kitchen! $49 per person; for each paying adult – one child is free! Pay by January 13th, receive a 10% discount. for one $44  for two$88 

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