This book has one goal. To have families achieve wellness through nutrition!

To achieve this goal the following is necessary:

  • Understanding what is a “healthy” meal
  • Benefits of cooking at home
  • Benefits of starting at an early age

I wrote this book because I wanted to share my own life story with you about how I raised my boys to have good eating habits.

Through my private practice, RD4Health Nutrition Counseling, LLC; I have seen that the “family dinner” is almost a thing of the past.  I find it is important to share at least one meal together on a daily basis.  Besides having family time together, the children see their parents eating a variety of foods.  This is important because children want to do what their parents do, and this opens them up to trying new foods.

So please join me through my journey and have some fun cooking together!


We love this cookbook! Peggy Korody is a registered dietitian, gourmet cook and mother of two sons. She shares wonderful nutritional wisdom, along with delicious recipes for our little hands to make (sons ages 4 and 2), for our family to make together and for me to make for all of us! We so enjoy this book and the recipes included inside. We initially purchased this cookbook for us and have since bought copies upon copies to give as gifts to friends and family. If you live in the San Diego area, we highly recommend Peggy’s cooking classes and her local columns. She has a great blog, too. We hope Peggy will write another book soon!

-M. Gardner

I love it! I love many of the details and I really like your cookbook! I will be showing it to some friends soon … I am excited to try out some of your recipes, you really kept busy mama’s in mind with your recipes…pretty quick and easy but yummy and with easy to find ingredients…I love it!

-K. Saltzman