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It’s the Holidays!

In my last newsletter I wrote about a Healthy Approach to the Holidays.  In this newsletter I would like to continue that theme.  I know that we all enjoy some of the “pleasures” of life this time of year; in fact, my family can’t wait for my Thanksgiving rolls.  These rolls are my mom’s recipe that I have had since a child, and making them brings back the memories of our family Thanksgiving meals from my childhood.  Then for Christmas there are my sugar cookies, once again, memories of being in the kitchen with my mom helping to decorate the cookies. Of course, my family wonders why I only make these rolls and cookies once, maybe twice a year – it’s the butter! I’m sure everyone has some family treats you save for the holidays, which is fine; the key is to not gain that holiday 5-10 pounds.


For some holiday fun, I thought I would test your knowledge and following are two quizzes.  One quiz will help you make some healthy changes when cooking this holiday season.  The other quiz is a holiday party quiz.  I hope you enjoy, and maybe gain an idea or two.


Cooking Healthful Foods:
How Much Do You Know?

1)  Which fat is the healthiest to cook with?

  1. Canola oil
  2. Vegetable oil
  3. Margarine

2) Which cheese has the least fat per ounce?

  1. Part-skim mozzarella cheese
  2. Cheddar cheese
  3. Provolone cheese

3) Do not use which of the following to replace margarine in recipes:

  1. Applesauce
  2. Prune baby food
  3. Marshmallow fluff

4) Which of the following has the least fat per ounce?

  1. Regular pork bacon
  2. Canadian bacon
  3. Turkey bacon

5) To make leaner cuts of meat more tender, either:

  1. Braise or stew them
  2. Roast or bake them
  3. Fry them

6) To thicken soup without using cream, add:

  1. Skim milk
  2. Egg whites
  3. Pureed potato

7) You can replace 1 ounce (oz.) of baking chocolate with:

  1. 1 oz. of chocolate syrup
  2. 3 tablespoons (Tbsp.) of unsweetened cocoa mixed with 1 Tbsp. of soy oil
  3. 1 Tbsp. melted chocolate chips mixed with 1 Tbsp. of melted margarine

8 ) How much of the sugar in most recipes can you replace with powdered milk?

  1. One eighth to one fourth
  2. One fourth to one third
  3. One half to three fourths

9) When using dried herbs in place of fresh:

  1. You should use an equal amount of dried herbs as you would fresh
  2. You should use two times the amount of dried herbs as you would fresh
  3. You should use one third of the amount of dried herbs as you would fresh

10) In which of the following recipes should you never try to reduce the amount of salt that is called for?

  1. Soup
  2. Cake batter
  3. Yeast bread



Here are the Answers for the first quiz.




Holiday Party Quiz:

Prepare for a Healthier Holiday


This quiz will test your knowledge of calories and fat in traditional holiday foods.


1) Which appetizer contains the least amount of fat?

  1. Three stuffed mushrooms
  2. 2 tablespoons of cheese ball with nuts
  3. Three pizza rolls


2) Which cookie has the most calories?

  1. One medium gingerbread man
  2. One medium butterscotch chip cookie
  3. 2″ square lemon bar


3) Which cocktail has the least calories?

  1. A rum and Coke®
  2. A whiskey sour
  3. A martini


4) Which candy has the least fat?

  1. 2-cubic-inch square of chocolate fudge
  2. One fudge-dipped Oreo®
  3. One medium-piece peanut brittle


5) Which meat has the most fat?

  1. 3 ounces (oz.) boneless ham (lean and fat eaten)
  2. 3 oz. boneless duck (skin eaten)
  3. 3 oz. boneless cooked chicken leg (skin eaten)


6) Which starch has the most sodium?

  1. ½ cup (C) homemade bread stuffing
  2. ½ C homemade mashed potatoes
  3. One dinner roll

7) Which warm beverage has the least calories?

  1. 1 C hot chocolate made with whole milk
  2. 1 C apple cider
  3. 1 C eggnog  made with whole milk


8 ) Which of the following contains the most sugar?

  1. One piece of fruit cake
  2. One pecan roll
  3. 2″ square frosted brownie


Here are the Answers for the second quiz.

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