Halloween is coming! And so is all the candy….what is a parent to do? Do you fret about your child getting a “sugar” high? Actually, studies have shown that kids don’t get hyper from sugar, believe it if you wish! Are you worried about those beautiful teeth? Why not pick through the candy and toss the gooey sticky stuff? Or make sure the little goblins brush their teeth after a sticky candy!
Remember Halloween is a time a fun for the kids. Make sure they eat a good, healthy meal (protein, veggies, starch, and dairy) before heading out for the evening of trick-or-treating, let them have a few pieces after all that “hard” work they just went through for their candy. Actually, if you don’t make it a big deal about the candy they won’t either. But if they see you sneaking candy, beware!
Have a Happy Halloween!

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