Healthy Eating

Recently I was sent this question:  “Hi there i have been eating lots of  fruit and salads and
vegetables Can i cut out bread what can i eat instead? I am trying to cut out meat also I bicycle a lot can you give me a good diet today i had tea and vegetables and brown rice?”

My reply: I have written a few articles that may be of interest to you.   First, Good bye MyPyramid….hellow MyPlate, this article helps you plan a healthy day of eating.  Second,  I’m concerned that you are on the “gluten-free fad”, bread is not your enemy if you do not have Celiac or know for a fact that you have a sensitivity to gluten.  It’s the amount and type of bread you eat.  I suggest reading, Gluten-Free! Is it a fad? Lastly, regarding protein, Americans get more than enough, there’s no problem there, for more detailed info I suggest, Portein – How much and what’s your source?

Hope this helps, happy reading!

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