Salmon Wild Caught vs. Farmed

At my last cooking class I was asked “how can you tell if the salmon you buy is truly wild caught”?  The next evening on the evening news was a story about this very subject.  It’s all about the color.  Wild caught has a deep red color, farmed may have the deep red color but on the package you’ll often see “color added”.  So you have to cook it, farmed fish will loose the color once cooked and wild caught will retain the deep red color.  So if you buy salmon labeled as “wild caught” and it looses all its color once cooked, you paid a lot of extra money for nothing! This is not an endorsement, but I buy wild caught salmon from Costco, the ingredient list states “wild caught salmon”, nothing else.  When I cook this fish it retains it’s color.  If you want more information on seafood I have found this website to be a great resource, Ocean Friendly Seafood.

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