Multigrain products: is this a good source of whole grains?

You may be seeing “multigrain” on products from crackers to bread at the grocery, but does that make it a good choice if you are trying to add to your daily fiber count?  Unfortunately, most of the time “no”.  Multigrain simply means more than one grain, not that the grains are whole.  If you want a good “whole” grain product, look at the ingredient list and look for the word “whole” at the top of the list.  If it is near the bottom of the list, it is not a good “whole” grain choice.  You can also look at the grams of fiber per serving on the nutrition facts label.  Per serving you want 3+ grams of fiber.

Fiber is good for you, it helps with transit time and it binds with LDL (bad) cholesterol and excretes it from the body.  You should aim for 28-32 grams of fiber per day.

Eat in good health by making informed decisions.

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