Soybeans & GMO

I recently had a conversation with a colleague regarding soybeans in the US are all genetically modified or GMO for short. Then I ran across an interesting article in my Vegetarian Times magazine regarding this very subject. I want to share the short article because it is actually good news:

“About 77 percent of the world’s commercially grown soybeans are genetically modified to be tolerant to herbicides. Soybeans that have been genetically modified to improve nutrition, among other things, are in development. But, according to the National Soybean Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois, all edamame – domestic and foreign – are free from genetic modification. If you want extra insurance, choose edamame labeled USDA Certified Organic, which guarantees GMO-free soybeans.”

Of course I researched this online, and more good news, since 2009 more US farmers are planting non-GMO soybeans than ever. It seems the seeds for the GMO soybeans are more expensive to buy, and the price per barrel for non-GMO is higher than the GMO soybeans…..for more info click on the following link Enjoy your edamame!

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