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Stuffed Mushrooms 4 Ways

I like to create appetizers.  So, this month I thought I would come up with four different ways to stuff mushrooms.  Please use these recipes as a guide.  If you don’t like Portobello mushrooms, then use button mushrooms.  Use large mushroom caps or small ones that you can just pop in your mouth!  Also, if you didn’t use all the filling for say the Smoked Salmon Stuffed Mushrooms, you can use the leftover on a bagel the next morning or even on crackers.  As a bonus this month, I took video of me preparing each recipe, check it out on youtube.

photo by Doug Korody

Click here for Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms

Click here for Smoked Salmon Stuffed Mushrooms

Click here for Portobello Stuffed Mushrooms

Click here for Crab Stuffed Mushrooms



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