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Diet is a Four Letter Word – Just Say “No” to Diet

Are you ready to get a healthy start to the New Year?

Then let me help you start your New Year on the right track without gimmicks.


Are you confused with all the conflicting information regarding your health?

Don’t know what to eat or what not to eat?

Are you afraid of “carbs”?

Tired of all the fad diets?

Ready to make a permanent change?


I work with clients everyday who are equally confused.  That’s why I created the Diet is a Four Letter Word – Just Say “No” to Diet – Change Your Habits, Change Your Life;  4-week webinar series to begin January 5, 2015.


Pay by December 31st, Discount $97; January 1st  $197.


You’ll see that eating for health does not need to be confusing, restricting, counting calories, or just another temporary fix.  This is not a temporary change like the “fad” diets out there, this course will help you make a lifelong change on how you approach your own health and make improvements with your own informed decisions.


Here’s what we’ll cover:


Week 1:   We’ll answer these questions:

  1. Are all pounds equal when it comes to improving physical health?
  2. Does a deficit of 500 calories a day always lead to a loss of one pound a week?
  3. What effect does restricting caloric intake have on eating behavior?
  4. Is the weight loss resulting from this approach permanent?
  5. What effects do repeated attempts at caloric restriction have?


Plus we’ll explore:

  1. The Need for a New Approach
  2. Health at Every Size Approach
  3. Non-diet Empowerment


And we’ll end with a Lifestyle Quiz.


Week 2:  We’ll discuss:

  1. Non-diet Approach
  2. Breaking the Failure Cycle
  3. Non-diet Nutrition Concepts


Week 3:  We’ll discuss:

  1. Moderating Dietary Fat
  2. Hunger and Fullness
  3. Fluid Management


Week 4: We’ll look at:

  1. The Role of Exercise
  2. Lifestyle Strategies
  3. Health for our skin
  4. Review how far you have progressed


This four week course is an on-demand series.  Meaning I’ll provide you with a link to a webinar on a weekly basis, and you can listen and take notes at your convenience.


I will set up a private Facebook group where you can post questions, make comments, and share your experiences with others.  I’ll answer questions on a weekly basis in this group too.


Don’t like Facebook, then you can privately email your questions

and I’ll answer them both on Facebook and in a private response.


A little about me:


Peggy Korody, RD, CLT holds a BSc, in Applied Arts and Sciences, Foods and Nutrition degree from San Diego State University with a dietetic internship through Utah State University.  Peggy is a Registered Dietitian and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as a Certified LEAP (Lifestyle Eating And Performance) therapist. Peggy also has clinical experience in both outpatient and hospital settings and has worked with a variety of patients at a local hospital. She was a featured columnist in the Rancho Santa Fe Review writing a “Nutrition and You” column on a monthly basis, from 2009 – 2012.  She also writes a monthly recipe column for the Fairbanks Living Magazine.


In her private practice, RD4Healthâ Nutrition Counseling, LLC, in Rancho Santa Fe, California Peggy provides individual and group counseling using current evidence based nutrition information.  Areas of expertise include weight management and chronic diseases, concentrating on family, women, and childhood nutrition, to create overall optimal health. As a Certified LEAP therapist Peggy helps clients with inflammatory conditions such as, IBS, heartburn/GERD, migraines, weight imbalances, chronic fatigue, and more.


Peggy has a passion for healthy cooking and in 2003 started a local Gourmet Cooking club.  She has designed menus, planned, and prepared the food for local events, such as a Cinco de Mayo dinner for 80 guests.  She also has considerable experience in recipe analysis and recipe conversion.  Teaching cooking classes to adults and children expands her love of cooking.  Peggy recently released her first cookbook “Little Hands in the Kitchen”, a cookbook to get children into the kitchen to learn how to create healthy meals.

Peggy currently lives in Rancho Santa Fe, California with her husband, two sons, and black lab.  She enjoys providing a healthy lifestyle for her family, which includes healthy foods and meals.  She is often seen in her neighborhood walking with her dog.



Free weekly bonuses: We’ll explore what could be holding you back from making the needed change and provide actionable steps.



Hurry, it’s time to take action now to commit to a new you in the New Year.  No more fads, no more feeling guilty, no more temporary fixes.  It’s time to take control of your health and your future, and the time is now to commit.

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