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Rainbow Salad

Today I was watching a talk show where a female actor was describing how she had no energy and was gaining weight eating “kid” food like her son.  So she changed her diet and she now has more energy and feels better.  That left me wondering, if that diet was making her feel rundown, wouldn’t that make her son feel the same?   Here’s a recipe from my cookbook Little Hands in the Kitchenthis recipe is my take on “chicken nuggets” and it’s a fun way to get kids to eat more fruits and veggies with their meal.  Who would have thought that dipping broccoli in strawberry dip is delicious!

photo by Doug Korody
photo by Doug Korody


 Plastic knife


Plastic bag

Food processor or blender

Large skillet


1  package  boneless turkey breast tenderloins (approximately 1 pound)

3  tablespoons flour

1  teaspoon lime peel — grated

¼  teaspoon  salt

¼  teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1   tablespoon Canola oil

Dipping sauce:

1 cup frozen unsweetened strawberries, thawed

1 lime, juiced (approximately 2 tablespoons)

2 tablespoons honey, or less to taste

1 teaspoon lime peel, grated


1  cup fresh strawberries, halved

½ medium cantaloupe, cut into cubes

1  cup baby carrots

4  celery stalks, 3″ sticks

½ cup broccoli florets

Serving Size: 4

Using a microplane grater grate all the peel from the lime, set aside.

In food processor bowl with metal blade or in blender container, combine all dressing ingredients.  Cover; process until smooth, then set aside.

In plastic bag, combine flour, 1 teaspoon lime peel, salt and pepper.  Cut turkey breast tenderloins crosswise into 1/2-inch slices.  Coat turkey with flour mixture.  Heat oil in 12-inch skillet over medium-high heat until oil sizzles, about 1 minute.  Add turkey.  Cook 1 1/2 to 2 minutes on each side or until golden brown.

Arrange salad greens on large platter or 4 individual plates.  Top with turkey, strawberries, cantaloupe, carrots, and celery.  If desired garnish with lime slices.  Serve with dressing.

NOTE: use any fresh fruit or veggie that is in season.  You may be surprised, but a fresh broccoli floret tastes great with the strawberry dip.

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