Salmonella in the news…

Perhaps you saw or heard the news that Foster Farms chicken has sickened many due to salmonella. Salmonella is a pathogen that can make us sick and is prevalent in poultry, but it does not have to make us sick. Proper handling and cooking temperatures is all it takes to be safe. Here are the simple steps I follow when cooking poultry.

– Start with a clean environment, wash everything with soap & water:
Counter tops
Sink (yes wash your sink before prepping food)
Clean towels
Cutting boards

– Use a different cutting board for different foods, I have the following:

– Prep all non-poultry first (in fact I follow this for all protein foods)
Hot veggie
Starch side dish
Set all aside (if it will be a while, store in fridge until ready to cook)

– Wash hands with warm water and soap often (sing Happy Birthday 2 times)
Wash between fingers
Have a separate hand towel for drying your hands
After preparing poultry (or protein foods), toss that hand towel in wash and proceed with a clean towel

– Different towels for different jobs:
Clean towel to dry utensils, such as knife (wash knife with soap and water
After prepping different foods)
Towel for hands: one after veggies, different one after protein foods
Dish cloth to clean counter surfaces often with soap and water

– Cook poultry to 165°F, internal temp
Purchase an instant read thermometer to be sure!Instant Read Therm

After watching last night’s evening news I checked my Foster Farms chicken package for the codes listed: P6137, P6137A, or P7632. I do have one of these packages, and I have already served this chicken on two different evenings, and all’s well in my household. But if you are still worried, either throw the uncooked chicken out or try to return the package to the store where you purchased the product.

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