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Grilled Pizza

I love spending time in the yard and I love to cook outside – it keeps the kitchen clean!  So for July I thought I would share some of my family’s favorite grilled pizza ideas.  Most people think of pizza as junk food, but if you omit the meat and increase the veggies it can be a healthy choice especially if you team it with a side salad or even top it with salad (see below).

Grilled Pizzas

How to grill pizza:  using store bought or homemade* pizza dough, brush one side with a little oil, place oiled side down on low-heat grill, close lid and cook 3-4 minutes, just until lightly browned.  Turn and grill uncooked side another 3-4 minutes.  Remove from heat, add toppings of choice.  I like to lay a sheet of aluminum foil down on the grill before I reheat the pizza with the toppings to melt the cheese, this helps to protect the dough from getting too brown.

Pesto: pesto sauce (instead of tomato sauce) top with fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced tomatoes and mushrooms (did you know mushrooms contain vitamin D!).

Shrimp and artichoke: Ricotta cheese mixed with some fresh herbs of choice and 1-2 teaspoons pesto sauce.  Top with cooked sliced shrimp and artichokes that have been tossed with a little more pesto, and sliced red onion.  After cooking – top with dried red pepper flakes.  (As seen in photo)

Mushroom &/or olives: tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and veggies. (As seen in photo)

Margherita: thinly sliced plum tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, minced garlic, and fresh basil leaves, torn. Sliced jalapenos optional. (Add the basil leaves after cooking.) (As seen in photo)

BBQ Chicken:  Use your favorite BBQ sauce, top with leftover/cooked chicken, provolone cheese and red onions.

Gazpacho: coarsely chop: fresh tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, and jalapeno, mix in a bowl.  Add some Italian dressing to coat the veggies.  Sprinkle Monterey Jack cheese on a grilled pizza crust; grill until cheese melts.  Remove from grill and top with the tomato mixture.

Assigio cheese, pear, and arugula: Sprinkle Assigio cheese on a grilled pizza crust, grill approximately 5 minutes, until cheese melts.  While the pizza is baking, halve a pear lengthwise and with the cut side down, thinly slice on a mandolin.  Pop out any seeds.  Toss pear with ¼ teaspoon lemon juice.  Repeat with the other half.  Separately, toss arugula with olive oil and sea salt to taste.  Cut pizza into slices and top with the pear, arugula, and pepper to taste.

TIPS:  I like to steam my sliced mushrooms in the microwave for 4-5 minutes before adding to the pizza, this way they don’t release too much liquid and the pizza won’t be soggy.

*When I don’t get to the store to buy premade dough, my son often makes one from scratch for me.  He modifies a version of Jamie Oliver’s pizza dough (which you can Google!) and he adds fresh herbs to the dough.  Actually, I prefer Michael’s dough because it rolls out thinner and I prefer a thinner crust.

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