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GMO – what’s your vote?

OK, if you are like me you cannot wait for this election to be over.  I don’t want to see anymore commercials, receive any more junk mail, or get anymore phone calls that do not have a “do not call” list!  So why am I writing this article about Prop 37?  Because I have been getting emails and phone calls from friends and clients asking me my opinion, so I thought I would share some info with you.

As you may, or may not know, Prop 37 is about the “truth in labeling” law.  Simply stated it is “the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act” per the California Election official voter information guide.  Currently there is no Federal or California law requiring that food producers identify whether foods were produced using genetic engineering.  Also, which I feel is most important “the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not require safety studies of such foods.”

Also, from the voter’s guide, polls show that more than 90 percent of the public want to know if their food is genetically engineered. In fact data from the Non-GMO project verified non-GMO products surged 66% in sales, to $2.4 billion this past year, to read more click here.

The “no” side is using scare tactics, in my opinion, stating that this law will raise the cost of foods. In Europe this law already exists and it has not increased food costs.  In fact, 61 other countries already have this law.  One of the “big” arguments is the right to use the word “natural” on a package if the product contains GMO products.  Well, personally I find this silly.  The FDA has no definition for this word on packaging, although I do wish they would define the word, plus there are already lawsuits regarding the word “natural” on packages and it has nothing to do with GMO labeling.  In fact, there is a lawsuit that was filed this past May against Chobani, one of my favorite Greek yogurts, contesting its use of the terms “evaporated can juice,” “all natural ingredients” and “only natural ingredients” on its labels.  So, in my opinion, the “wave of costly lawsuits” will be there no matter what.

I do not want to tell anybody how to vote, you need to read the information out there and decide for yourself.  But, I would like to share some information that may be interesting to you, do you know who is funding the “yes” and “no” vote?  Click here to find out.

Perhaps you have figured out how I’m voting.  I agree with the “right to know”.  Ultimately, I feel I should have the truth on the product packaging.  I understand that food manufacturers want to sell product, and I want to buy product, I just want to know what I’m buying, or not buying for that matter.

So I ask you all to give Prop 37 some thought, and go out and vote!

Side bar:  here’s a documentary you may want to watch .

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